Benefits of Membership

Become better known, grow your clientele, and find your business thriving when you take advantage of the Benefits of Membership:


The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan offers Health & Benefit packages tailored to suit the needs of you and your staff. Available ONLY to Chamber Members, this plan is SIMPLE to use, offers STABLE premiums, and is a SMART choice for business owners who want to attract, support, and retain great employees. The Chambers Plan is a not-for-profit program, meaning all surplus funds stay in the plan to keep premiums as low as possible for you. 

NOT a Business owner? You may not know that any individual can become a Chamber Member in order to access this plan, making it an excellent option for ANYONE who doesn’t have a plan through their employer, including RETIREES and those looking for affordable and outstanding TRAVEL insurance.

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MEMBER-to-MEMBER OFFERS and Discounts increase the value of your Membership.

Want to get MORE from your Membership? CONTACT US to add YOUR OFFER to this list:

All Star Septic: the more septic tanks pumped, the cheaper the price. CONTACT All Star Septic.

Port Sydney Electric: $5 per hour discount on labour. CONTACT Port Sydney Electric

Our Chamber is a Member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, so our Members ALSO ENJOY the BENEFITS of these MEMBERSHIPS.

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