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Please Be Patient and Kind to Community Volunteers

We know it can be disappointing when popular Community Events do not happen or when they are modified, but we ask everyone to be patient and kind towards our Community Groups and Volunteers who are doing their best to resume and/or maintain activities amid ongoing unpredictable circumstances. Sometimes Volunteer power is lacking; sometimes Certified Personnel such as Lifeguards are not available; some permit requirements are much more rigorous than they were before; and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to present risks that must be weighed carefully when planning events. Our Community Groups and Volunteers appreciate your support and we hope that you will join us in cheering them on even when things aren’t happening quite the way they used to.

Community Halls

Port Sydney Community Hall

Address: 607 Muskoka Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Hall Phone: 705-385-3433
For RENTALS Contact: Town of Huntsville 705-789-6421 (ext. 3027) or 
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Utterson/Stephenson Community Hall

Address: 32 Township Hall Road, Utterson, ON, P0B 1M0
Hall Phone: 705-385-2648
For RENTALS Contact: Town of Huntsville 705-789-6421 (ext. 3027) or 
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Community Groups & Services

Hill & Gully Riders

Goal: To promote safe snowmobiling and to maintain our 155 km of fine trails.
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday evening each month
Contact: Larry Horton, President 385-29422

Kids Run Club in Association with Mary Lake Marathon

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Mary Lake Association

Goal: To preserve the water quality and the quality of life around the lake.
Address: PO Box 1004, Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0
Contact: John Hogg (President) –
email Mary Lake Association

Merry Mary Lakers Seniors

Goal: To provide recreation and fellowship for community seniors.
Meetings: Thu 1-4pm (Sep-Jun) at Port Sydney Hall
Contact: Cathie Carley (President) - 705-385-8989

Muskoka Family Focus

Goal: To provide Ontario Early Years Services and family resources at the Port Sydney Community Hall
Hours (Sep-Jun): Wednesdays 9:45am - 1:15pm, and Fridays 9:45am - 12:30pm
Contact: Sarah Mackay at 705-645-3362 – email Muskoka Family Focus

Port Sydney Firefighters' Association

Goal: To provide community fire protection, prevention, and first response.
Meetings: last Thursday of each month
Contact: email PS Firefighters’ Association or Learn More

Port Sydney Parks and Recreation Group

Goal: To provide recreational programs and facilities for community & visitors.
Activities include: Yoga (Tue 10-11am Sep-Jun – contact Margaret Grigg 705-385-3054)
Contact: Reagan Gray 705-385-9758 – email PS Parks & Rec 
or Learn More

Port Sydney Yacht Club

Goal: To provide sailing races and parties throughout the summer season to the local community.
Races & Parties: Every Saturday of the summer season, with additional race and events throughout.
Contact: Commodore Edward Gledhill, or Commodore Stephanie Johnson 705-385-2507 – email Port Sydney Yacht Club or Learn More

Stephenson District Lions Club

Goal: To serve our community through the fellowship of the Lions Club.
Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday (Sep-Jun)
Contact: Stan Stillar 705-385-2756 – email Stephenson District Lions Club

Utterson Community Club

Goal: To provide fun for children and to teach them values and fair play.
Contact: Dione Schumacher – email Utterson Community Club

Utterson Live Wires Seniors

Goal: To provide a friendly atmosphere for seniors’ recreation and socialization.
Meetings: Tue 10-4 at Utterson Hall (Bring your own lunch - coffee supplied.)
      Free Computer Classes: Mon - 9-5 and 6-9
      Euchre: all age groups Wed 7-10pm (Sep-May)
      Yoga: Tue 10am at Port Sydney Community Hall – everyone welcome
Contact: Dorian Simmons 705-382-9832

The V.K. Greer School Council

Goal: To provide a forum for parents/guardians to collaborate with the Principal and other staff members to enhance the student experience in a wide variety of ways throughout each school year. This active group supports the V.K. community through: a daily Healthy Snack Program, Parent Engagement and Family Fun events, Fundraising activities, and by honouring Student Achievement.
Contact: V.K. Greer school 705-385-2200 or visit the V.K. Greer website and follow the ‘Parent’s’ drop-down menu

Muskoka Christian School
located at 370 S Mary Lake Road, Port Sydney
Providing a well-rounded academic Christ-centered education nurturing student excellence in Muskoka.



Christ Church Anglican, Port Sydney

Address: 45 Christ Church St., Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: 705-385-3546
Worship: 10am Sundays; All friends and family welcome.

Crossroads Pentecostal Church, Port Sydney

Address: 28 Stephenson Road 1 W., Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: Pastor Rick Merkel 705-645-2222
Worship: 7pm Wednesdays, 5pm Sundays
Ladies’ Prayer Group: 2pm Tuesdays
Goal: To provide correct Scriptural instruction to interested people of all age groups. We offer free home Bible studies. Call for an appointment.

Deer Lake Gospel Hall

Address: 654 Deer Lake Road, Port Sydney
Phone: 705-385-1606
Worship: Breaking of Bread Worship meeting 10am Sundays; Sunday School class 11:40am Sundays; Prayer Bible Study 7:30pm Wednesdays

Knox United Church

Address: 777 Muskoka Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: Pastor Sue Wood, D.L.M.: 705-323-9615
Worship: All ages welcome Sundays for Choir (10am), Coffee/Tea (10:30am), and Worship (11am)
Activities include: Yoga, Movie Nights, Yarn Circle, Concerts, Dinners, Bazaars and more
For more information or inspiration, or to rent space, visit Knox’s website or Facebook page

Knox United Church Women (UCW)

Goal: To unite the women of the congregation for the total mission of the church (see Knox United Church).
Meetings: 1:30pm on the 2nd Monday of the month (August off)
Contact: Edith McMahon (President) 705-385-2666

Muskoka Bible Centre

Goal: To renew, connect and equip the family of God in the splendour of His creation.
Contact: 705-789-0123 or 1-800-551-0168 or visit MBC’s website

Muskoka Community Church

126 Greer Rd, Huntsville, ON, Canada, Ontario
(705) 704-9170

Port Sydney Bible Chapel

Goal: To provide Christian study and activities for the congregation and interested youth.
Contact: Douglas Barnes 705-787-6602 or visit Port Sydney Bible Chapel’s website

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