Groups, Halls, & Churches

Community Halls

Port Sydney Community Hall

Address: 607 Muskoka Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Hall Phone: 705-385-3433
For RENTALS Contact: Town of Huntsville 705-789-6421 (ext. 3027) or 
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Utterson/Stephenson Community Hall

Address: 32 Township Hall Road, Utterson, ON, P0B 1M0
Hall Phone: 705-385-2648
For RENTALS Contact: Town of Huntsville 705-789-6421 (ext. 3027) or 
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Community Groups & Services

Hill & Gully Riders

Goal: To promote safe snowmobiling and to maintain our 155 km of fine trails.
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday evening each month
Contact: Larry Horton, President 385-29422

Mary Lake Association

Goal: To preserve the water quality and the quality of life around the lake.
Address: PO Box 1004, Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0
Contact: John Hogg (President) –
email Mary Lake Association

Merry Mary Lakers Seniors

Goal: To provide recreation and fellowship for community seniors.
Meetings: Thu 1-4pm (Sep-Jun) at Port Sydney Hall
Contact: Cathie Carley (President) - 705-385-8989

Muskoka Family Focus

Goal: To provide Ontario Early Years Services and family resources at the Port Sydney Community Hall
Hours (Sep-Jun): Wednesdays 9:45am - 1:15pm, and Fridays 9:45am - 12:30pm
Contact: Sarah Mackay at 705-645-3362 – email Muskoka Family Focus

Port Sydney Parks and Recreation Group

Goal: To provide recreational programs and facilities for community & visitors.
Activities include: Yoga (Tue 10-11am Sep-Jun – contact Margaret Grigg 705-385-3054)
Contact: Reagan Gray 705-385-9758 – email PS Parks & Rec 
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Port Sydney Firefighters' Association

Goal: To provide community fire protection, prevention, and first response.
Meetings: last Thursday of each month
Contact: email PS Firefighters’ Association or Learn More

Stephenson District Lions Club

Goal: To serve our community through the fellowship of the Lions Club.
Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday (Sep-Jun)
Contact: Stan Stillar 705-385-2756 – email Stephenson District Lions Club

Utterson Community Club

Goal: To provide fun for children and to teach them values and fair play.
Contact: Dione Schumacher – email Utterson Community Club

Utterson Live Wires Seniors

Goal: To provide a friendly atmosphere for seniors’ recreation and socialization.
Meetings: Tue 10-4 at Utterson Hall (Bring your own lunch - coffee supplied.)
      Free Computer Classes: Mon - 9-5 and 6-9
      Euchre: all age groups Wed 7-10pm (Sep-May)
      Yoga: Tue 10am at Port Sydney Community Hall – everyone welcome
Contact: Dorian Simmons 705-382-9832

The V.K. Greer School Council

Goal: To provide a forum for parents/guardians to collaborate with the Principal and other staff members to enhance the student experience in a wide variety of ways throughout each school year. This active group supports the V.K. community through: a daily Healthy Snack Program, Parent Engagement and Family Fun events, Fundraising activities, and by honouring Student Achievement.
Contact: V.K. Greer school 705-385-2200 or visit the V.K. Greer website and follow the ‘Parent’s’ drop-down menu


Christ Church Anglican, Port Sydney

Address: 45 Christ Church St., Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: 705-385-3546
Worship: 10am Sundays; All friends and family welcome.

Crossroads Pentecostal Church, Port Sydney

Address: 28 Stephenson Road 1 W., Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: Pastor Rick Merkel 705-645-2222
Worship: 7pm Wednesdays, 5pm Sundays
Ladies’ Prayer Group: 2pm Tuesdays
Goal: To provide correct Scriptural instruction to interested people of all age groups. We offer free home Bible studies. Call for an appointment.

Deer Lake Gospel Hall

Address: 654 Deer Lake Road, Port Sydney
Phone: 705-385-1606
Worship: Breaking of Bread Worship meeting 10am Sundays; Sunday School class 11:40am Sundays; Prayer Bible Study 7:30pm Wednesdays

Knox United Church

Address: 777 Muskoka Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0B 1L0
Phone: Pastor Sue Wood, D.L.M.: 705-323-9615
Worship: All ages welcome Sundays for Choir (10am), Coffee/Tea (10:30am), and Worship (11am)
Activities include: Yoga, Movie Nights, Yarn Circle, Concerts, Dinners, Bazaars and more
For more information or inspiration, or to rent space, visit Knox’s website or Facebook page

Knox United Church Women (UCW)

Goal: To unite the women of the congregation for the total mission of the church (see Knox United Church).
Meetings: 1:30pm on the 2nd Monday of the month (August off)
Contact: Edith McMahon (President) 705-385-2666

Muskoka Bible Centre

Goal: To renew, connect and equip the family of God in the splendour of His creation.
Contact: 705-789-0123 or 1-800-551-0168 or visit MBC’s website

Port Sydney Bible Chapel

Goal: To provide Christian study and activities for the congregation and interested youth.
Contact: Douglas Barnes 705-787-6602 or visit Port Sydney Bible Chapel’s website