Our Surroundings

The natural beauty of our surroundings is the greatest attraction to the Port Sydney and Utterson area.

Locals, cottagers, campers, and tourists enjoy the scenic views and waterfronts of Mary Lake, Clearwater Lake, Devine Lake, Fawn Lake, the Muskoka River, Longs Lake, and Rose Lake to name just a few. Not to be missed are the Port Sydney Scenic Dam (Ontario Street, Port Sydney) and, of course, the Designated Heritage Tree at the landing that is nestled just downhill from the intersection of South Mary Lake Rd. and Muskoka Rd. 10 (below the bridge) in Port Sydney.

Port Sydney's Designated Heritage Tree

The uniquely shaped red maple tree noted above is situated on the edge of the Muskoka River and is thought to be one of the most photographed plants in the region. It was recognized as a Designated Heritage Tree during an Earth Day ceremony on April 22, 2018 by Forests Ontario. A favourite backdrop for family and wedding photo shoots, this tree has also inspired ‘The Giving Tree’ fundraising project, an initiative of the Port Sydney Parks & Recreation Group in support of improvements to the Port Sydney Community Hall. Those making donations to the fund will see their contributions represented on the wooden leaves mounted on the sculpture of this tree that hangs in the foyer of the Hall.

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