Q. How far is it from Port Sydney/Utterson to...

A. Huntsville: 17km
    Bracebridge: 24 km
    Barrie: 112km
    Toronto: 220km
    Parry Sound: 72km
    North Bay: 141km
    Algonquin Park: 60km
    Ottawa: 361km

Q. What transportation services are available in Port Sydney/Utterson?

A. Click for more information on services provided by:
    Hammond Transportation Ltd. (bus)
    Ontario Northland (bus)
    Northern Airport Service (airport shuttle)


Q. Is there really a Port Sydney ‘Grouch’?

A. Yes! Learn More about our quirky village signs, our Grouch contests, our current Grouch, and our Grouch Fund For Sign Replacement.

Q. How can my business get Rapid Antigen Test kits to use for asymptomatic Covid-19 screening for employees?

A. Visit this Rapid Antigen Screening Test Program page and find out how you can make arrangements to get kits through neighbouring Chambers in Muskoka and Orillia. Arrangements will involve: ordering in advance, picking up kits at scheduled times, mandatory training, signed agreements, restrictions on who is allowed to be tested using these kits (owners and employees only), reporting of all test results, and requirements to properly dispose of hazardous waste. BE AWARE that supply disruptions have been an ongoing issue since December 2021 and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce continues to work with the Ontario government to resolve this problem. (Please NOTE that our office is not set up to provide this service for these reasons: we had no demand from our Members for this program when it was rolled out in spring 2021; we do not have the climate control required to adequately store the test kits.)

Q. Who is permitted to stock printed promotional materials in the Brochure Bunkie outside the Chamber Office?

A. If you are: a Member of our Chamber; a local Community Leader; a local Media Distributor; or a Tourism Partner; we would be happy to stock your printed promotional materials in our Brochure Bunkie – open 24/7 – so please contact us to make arrangements. We do our best to keep all items visible and well stocked. We have found that rack cards literally stand up best to changing temperatures, whereas lighter weight flyers tend to droop. If you don’t belong to our Chamber yet, but you are interested in this Advertising Opportunity, Become A Member at any time! (Please Note: the Chamber reserves sole discretion to arrange and stock the Brochure Bunkie, and will remove any materials left without permission.)